Guideline on Danish Subtitles -Role of Danish Subtitling Services

The article aims to provide details on the guidelines in place for subtitling in Danish


Background on Danish

Danish is a language spoken by about 6 million people, primarily in Denmark and Greenland but increasingly across the world. With the spread of Danish language and the growing influence of Danish media across the globe, Danish subtitling and captioning for video content are bound to have a big impact in the future.


The Growing Impact of Danish media 

An article published in NYT titled “The World Wants More Danish TV Than Denmark Can Handle” cites that the streaming boom has led to a surge in demand for the shows from this country. Shows like Borgen and The Killing are not only well-received by critics but are also very popular in the English linguasphere. Remakes and several awards later it is established that the future of genre of “Nordic Noir” is bustling and is eventually bound to make a global impact.


The Art of Danish Subtitling

Danish is said to be the hardest Scandinavian language to learn more so to subtitle. However, there are several guidelines in place that can help one charter these windy waters. These guidelines assembled by the Forum for Billedmedieoversættere which is the Danish Subtitlers’ association within The Danish Union of Journalists define the standard for good subtitling in Denmark. Here are some details:

  1. Workflow: caption subtitle are to be in accord with a manuscript, time-coded, and proof-read by the subtitler and a fresh pair of eyes (quality controller). The subtitler is to be credited as per the Danish law. Subtitles cannot be changed without consulting the subtitler.


  1. Appearance, characters, and alignment: According to Danish tradition, subtitles are written in white letters with a semi-transparent black backdrop. A subtitle has one or two lines. Normally, each line has a maximum of 38-40 characters. This, however, can be decided by the client. The subtitles are to be centrally aligned and at the bottom of the screen whenever possible.



  1. Translation: The subtitles must have a precise yet comprehensible Danish translation of what is being voiced on screen. The aim is to give Danish audiences the same experience as the audience of the original language. closed caption subtitles The translation boils down to the meaning being incorporated in the subtitle. For example “about 200 miles” should not be translated to “321.869 km” but rather into “about 300 km”. Idiomatic language Subtitles must be rendered in faultless idiomatic Danish, attuned to the style and target audience of the program. The language of the subtitles must maintain the same level of intricacy as the original.

Here Is How Danish Subtitling Services Help

Human subtitle-providers – Multiple human subtitle creators will review your content and transcribe accurate subtitles. Self-transcribing is cumbersome (but accurate) – let Danish translation and subtitling services do the arduous task for you.

Ease – online services provide ease. You send the links of your videos, or video files (in any format), Danish to English subtitling services will provide you subtitles (in any format) that are perfectly synchronized and accurate to a tee.

Turnover time – online Danish film subtitling services can split the voluminous amount of works among various subtitle providers such that subtitles are provided to you within provided deadlines and you never lose the smile on your face.